Hearing Aid Evaluation

We offer comprehensive hearing aid evaluations to individuals to assess hearing needs and determine the best hearing device options for each patient. This personalized, prescriptive approach helps patients become successful wearers of hearing devices.

The evaluation process will take several appointments with one of our audiologists in order for an individual to be fit with a hearing aid(s):

The first appointment will be the evaluation itself, and takes approximately one hour. During this time, the audiologist will discuss all of the various models, styles and levels of technology in order to determine which would be most effective for each patient’s needs.

The cost of our hearing aids range from $1,100 to $3,300 per ear and is dependent on the technology within the device. A payment of half of the total cost of the aid(s) is required to for us to order the device(s). Typically, most insurance companies (i.e. Medicare, Medicare supplements, and Medical Assistance) do not cover the cost of hearing aids. All hearing aids have at least an initial two year warranty. This warranty includes manufacturer repair, adjustments, checkups, re-instruction if necessary and servicing the devices. This is also a limited loss and damage policy for the hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Dispense

During this appointment, our audiologists will fit patients with their hearing aids and ensure it is appropriately adjusted to their needs. Audiologists will also counsel patients during this appointment regarding the use and care of each hearing aid device. The remaining balance of the hearing aid(s) is also due at this time. Prior to leaving the office, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled.

Thirty Day Check

We highly recommend that all patients follow instructions in regards to wearing the device (i.e. wearing all day and in a variety of situations) in their first thirty days, leading to their thirty day check appointment, where they will be able to request adjustments to the fit or sound quality if necessary.

If patients decide not to keep the hearing aid, they may be returned for a nominal charge of 10% of the total cost of each aid, not to exceed $150.00 per aid. This fee covers the manufacturing of the devices and our services.

For additional information regarding our hearing aid evaluation process, please contact our office at 570-342-7864.