Office Procedures

There are several types of breast biopsy procedures. Some can be comfortably performed at The Delta Medix Breast Care Center. There are additional types of breast biopsies which are performed in a hospital or surgical setting and are described later.

Core Biopsy

This procedure is used for lumps or tumors that are large enough to be felt by hand. Patient is awake and lying or reclining on a table. The surgeon uses local anesthetic to numb the breast in the area of the lump and then a device is used to take a very small sample of breast tissue (core). Pressure is applied to the area, then ice. No sutures (stitches) are needed and the procedure takes about 10 minutes. The sample is sent to the pathologist and results are available in 48 - 72 hours. In most instances, patient returns to work and activities the next day.

Ultrasound Guided Biopsy


This procedure is used for abnormalities that are smaller, may not be felt by hand, but can be seen on ultrasound. Patient is awake, lying comfortably on the examination table, in the ultrasound suite. Live ultrasound images are used to direct the surgeon to the abnormality for biopsy. A small (less than ½ inch) incision is made, after the breast is numb, and a biopsy device connected to a vacuum system is passed into the breast, taking a very small sample of tissue. Suction is used to gently draw the tissue out to the collection tray. A small titanium tissue marker is inserted exactly where the tissue was removed. This process takes about 20 minutes. Pressure and ice are applied. No sutures (stitches) are needed and results are available in 48-72 hours. May return to work the next day.


This procedure is used to draw out fluid from a breast cyst by using a very fine needle. Local anesthetic may be used to numb the breast first and ultrasound can also be used to guide the needle to a cyst that is deep within the breast. The fluid may be sent to the laboratory to check for abnormal cells.