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Delta Medix Patient General Information

Delta Medix Patient General Information


Delta Medix is among select facilities offering video urodynamics testing, which uses sophisticated imaging equipment to film urination and pressure monitors to record pressures of the bladder and urethra.

Urodynamics assesses how the bladder stores and releases urine, which assists in explaining symptoms of:

  • Incontinence or leaking urine
  • Frequent urination
  • Sudden strong urges
  • Problems starting stream and emptying

How it Works

X-ray images of the bladder are taken with a C-arm diagnostic device, or fluoroscope, while the bladder is filled with a contrast dye. The patient’s bladder is then emptied. The entire filling and emptying process is watched on a video screen to see if the muscles are functioning properly and to watch for any abnormalities in the bladder or urethra. Using pressure catheters, pressure in the bladder is measured by watching for contractions in the bladder wall.

Video Urodynamics can identify over activity of the bladder, urethral function and bladder outlet problems. This allows the physician to diagnose problems with emptying the bladder (voiding) and counsel patients about the best treatment options.