Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer individuals with vascular disease comprehensive care through preventative services diagnostic expertise and the latest in vascular and endovascular surgical techniques.

Delta Medix Vascular Surgery

The Vascular Division of Delta Medix includes our board certified surgeon pioneering new standards in vascular and endovascular surgery. Dr. James Roche’s extensive vascular experience allows him to provide care that is comprehensive as well as exceptional. Our patient-centric approach enables us to focus on the cause and effect of your vascular disease.

Delta Medix Vascular Testing Lab

Our office is located at 743 Jefferson Ave, Scranton, PA 18510.

Our state-of-the-art non-invasive diagnostic center offers advanced ultrasound technologies. Our vascular physician and highly skilled technicians provide expert analysis of your imaging results, providing you with the knowledge necessary for your treatment.

Our experienced technologists specialize exclusively in vascular ultrasound imaging. They are skilled in contemporary imaging techniques and have a full understanding of the complexities of vascular disease. Their experience and knowledge allows them to accurately pinpoint your disease.

Diagnostic vascular studies performed in our IAC accredited laboratory includes:

  • Duplex ultrasound scans to identify circulation blockages of the arms and legs
  • Duplex scans of the carotid artery and transcranial vessels to pinpoint blockages in the arteries to the brain that may increase the risk of stroke
  • Duplex scans of the renal arteries to assess circulatory disease of the kidneys
  • Aortic and mesenteric artery duplex scans to identify potential fatal rupture of these major vessels of the abdomen
  • Duplex scans of the upper and lower extremity veins and the inferior vena cava to locate blood clots, deep venous thrombosis (DVT), or to assess the degree of varicose veins