Delta Medix Decision To Go Non Par With Blue Cross of NEPA

For many years, Blue Cross of NEPA has been using "claims" or billing data to "grade" and pay physicians in their network. Delta Medix has continually asked BC NEPA to examine our clinical results and outcomes and grade us on the real quality of our care and not on what we bill. They have refused this request and have additionally refused to increase our fees for the past six years. Over this same period, the cost of caring for our patients has continually risen. What we pay BC NEPA for our employee’s coverage has risen over 63%. No doubt your BC NEPA premiums have risen close to this number as well.
Click to read more. We urge Blue Cross NEPA to use their subscriber’s premium dollars to fund their healthcare and help Delta Medix continue quality patient care.

906 signatures, our goal is 1000.

At Delta Medix we see approximately 48,000 outpatients (13,000 of them Blue Cross of Northeastern PA subscribers) every year and perform annually over 20,000 surgical procedures. Delta Medix provides the greatest share of emergency room coverage for GCMC, Moses Taylor Hospital, and the Regional Hospital of Scranton. We are proud to serve the people of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Our guiding principle stems from the Latin phrase, pro vobis optimum—for you, the best. Every decision made by Delta Medix is made based on this guiding principle.

Delta Medix strives to bring the most up to date technology and Programs to the people in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We do this because we are committed to providing quality care in our own backyard so people in our Community do not have to travel for their care and they can stay at home near their families and friends. Additionally, when your employees can stay local for advanced treatments the high cost of out of area care is not passed onto you through higher premiums.

For the past six months we have been working with BC NEPA to reach a contract agreement. Unfortunately, we have been unable to come to terms and for this reason effective June 2, 2015 Delta Medix physicians will no longer be participating physicians in the BC NEPA insurance programs.

We have not received an increase in our BC NEPA fees since before 2009. Blue Cross has annually raised their premiums to policyholders and increased deductibles resulting in exorbitant reserves. Since 2008 when we last received a fee increase from BC NEPA we have invested in the following:

  • High level imaging equipment to better detect breast cancers; 
  • High level imaging equipment to detect  cancers of the colon, lung, prostate, stomach and head and neck;
  • State of the art Radiation equipment (TrueBeam) to treat cancers of the breast, lungs, prostate, bladder, colon, rectum, head and neck to name a few;
  • Comprehensive cancer care allowing cancer patients to be cared for by a Team of Cancer Specialists; 
  • Comprehensive breast care often times including same day biopsies which speeds diagnosis and eases anxiety for our patients;
  • Delta Medix has invested a great deal of resources in recruiting new, young physicians to our area.  They bring with them innovation and new techniques which benefit your employees. In the past two years we have brought on three new physicians and have two more joining us this summer. This increase in physician talent will better serve you and your employees well into the future.

It is now approaching the point where BC NEPA’s frozen fee schedule will drastically inhibit our ability to offer the quality care our patients deserve and expect. BC NEPA currently has over $350 million in cash reserves and has steadily raised premiums and deductibles to fund this excess. We are asking BC NEPA to invest in the health care of their subscribers in Northeastern PA as we have consistently done for the past fifty years. We strongly urge BC NEPA to negotiate a fair and equitable contract with Delta Medix before June 2, 2015 when Delta Medix’s termination in the BC NEPA network will leave thousands of people without access to specialty care in Northeastern Pa.

 The Executive Committee of Delta Medix, PC

Letter To

  • Denise Cesare, Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania
  • Kevin Brennan, Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania

We urge Blue Cross NEPA to use their subscriber’s premium dollars to fund their healthcare and help Delta Medix continue quality patient care.

Petition Updates

  • Over 500 Hundred Signers and 200 Persuasive Comments!!!

    Thanks to all of you we have over 500 signers and 200 very persuasive comments! We ware on our way to preserving access to quality specialty care in NEPA! Watch for our ad in tomorrows paper! Thank you for your support! The Physicians of Delta Medix

  • Closing in on 500 Signatures!!

    Thanks to your support we are closing in on 500 signatures in 24 hours!!! Keep signing and posting comments about what this means to you, our patients and BC NEPA subscribers!!! Let's show BC NEPA that your opinion matters!! The Physicians of Delta Medix

  • Closing in on 500 signatures in 24 Hours!!

    We have been at this less than 24 hours and we are already closing in on 500 signatures! Let's keep the momentum going so we can preserve access to specialty care in our Community! Keep those positive comments coming! Thank you for your support! The Physicians of Delta Medix

  • Over 200 Signatures!!

    We are bringing our message to the BC NEPA!! We have over 200 signatures and hope to have 500 by tomorrow! There is no way BC NEPA can ignore the eloquent comments made by our supporters! Please forward this petition to all of your friends and family! Thank you for your support! The Physicians of Delta Medix

  • 100 Signers and Going Strong!!!

    In just a few short hours we have reached 100 signatures! Blue Cross NEPA can't help but hear our collective voice. Thank you for all the wonderful! comments! They are greatly appreciated! The Physicians of Delta Medix

We urge Blue Cross NEPA to use their subscriber’s premium dollars to fund their healthcare and help Delta Medix continue quality patient care.

Reasons For Signing

  • Danielle Cicco

    As a two time breast cancer survivor, I am so pleased with the quality care I have received from my Delta Medix physicians and staff. Illness can be such a devastating part of one's life, but knowing that I was able to stay close to home to receive my expert care was such a comforting feeling for my family and me.

  • James Arthur

    We live in northeastern PA so why shouldn't insurance that is based in NEPA not be available as a choice for our health care?

  • Maura Ann D\'Andrea

    I am a breast cancer patient at DeltaMedix. I have three doctors that are a part of my team to keep me alive! Dr. David Onofrey, my surgeon, Dr. Andrew T. Turrisi, III, radiation, and Dr. Kristine Kelley, for colong issues. If these negotiations aren't resolved, it will have a major impact on me as a breast cancer patient. I think NEPA BC/BS should be more concerned about cancer patients;all patients for that matter instead of dollar signs $$$$! DeltaMedix has always been very concerned about me as a patient. I don't think that NEPA BC/BS understands how this can affect a breast cancer patient. I have been going to DeltaMedix since 2007 for mammograms. August 2012 cancer was found early. I should not have to leave DeltaMedix and go to another facility for mammograms and start over with a new surgeon because NEPA BC/BS doesn't want to negotiate. I am very pleased with all my doctors at DeltaMedix, but especially my surgeon, Dr. David Onofrey. Why should I be financially responsible for the difference betwen the NEPA BC/BS approved amount and the Delta Medix charge? I am already paying a premium out of my paycheck. My main concern is to stay alive and try to deal with all the physical, and emotional challenges that come with breast cancer. I shouldn't have to deal with being forced to leave my doctors and/or the financial burdens that NEPA BC/BS wants to put on all patients.

  • John Evarts

    I have been with the same doctors for years, and have been very satisfied with the care.

  • Sandra Sherotski

    I use several Delta Medix doctors for my medical care and do not wish to change because I am very satisfied with the care I am receiving.

  • Tanya Hentschel

    I am satisfied with my care at Delta Medix and I don't want to find another doctor.

  • sophia novack

    Delta Medix is a team of highly professional doctors who should be supported by our insurance carrier

  • Kara Coval

    Dr. Preate has saved my husbands life twice in the past two months. I truly believe my husband would have died if not for the skills and close attention to detail that Dr. Preate gave to us. PLEASE make an effort to get a contractual agreement with this firm. We cannot live without their expertise!

  • Gregory Coval

    We need Delta Medix in NEPA, there is no one else that can compare to their quality care.

  • Louise mclafferty

    I have received excellent care from Dr. Kelley for years

  • Shannon Falls

    I believe Delta Medix professionals should be paid the same percentage of what is paid by the subscriber.

  • Nina Wormuth

    I want to retain the Delta Medix doctors who have cared for me throughout my various illnesses. Their expertise has helped me to become a cancer survivor . These are the doctors I have chosen after much research and thought. My trust in them positively impacted my recovery and the way I was able to cope with illness. I pay very high insurance premiums so that I can receive the health care I need and now it may be taken away from me. Where is all of the money members pay for insurance going ? Why is Blue Cross sitting on a 350 million dollar surplus when their own subscribers stand to lose so much if an agreement is not reached. The patient is the victim here which is so very wrong.

  • Linda Woznick

    My 11 yr old son has health issues that need to be addressed closer to home. Dr. Preate is our first choice & I should be able to decide who I want to treat my son!

  • Mark Staples

    I have a daughter and all of her doctors are member of this greedy organization.

  • John Wasko

    I have BCBS and use Delta Medix Doctors and Facilities for various issues and concerns all over their footprint. It is unfair for us(the people without a choice) to be penalized for this! Please reconsider or AT LEAST terminate coverage after the new year so we can obtain insurance that will be accepted!!!

  • Ellen Raguckas

    Dr. Ramey was an excellent doctor that was on call the night my husband was admitted to the hospital. I would not like local individuals to be restricted from his expertise.

  • Leslie Cook

    This will affect me greatly. When I was diagnosed with cancer Delta Medix was top of the line. I have been cancer free and with out a permanent colostomy due to Dr Bannon and his team, and Dr Burke with the radiation. These Dr's are the best and I have so much respect and trust in them. Not to mention the incredible bedside manor and how much they give comfort. The thought of not being able to keep my Dr for my yearly follow ups is just not right. I am still paying of medical bills from when all this started and I continue to have to pay more for insurance and deductibles. How is this right????? It isn't and I pray the right decision gets made. I can not imagine it I was one of the many patients in the middle of treatment and getting yanked from their Dr. That is just unacceptable. And not right.

  • Kevin Ryczak

    I support my family and friends in this effort

  • John Krajewski

    a have been a patient of Dr. J. Bannon. He has done 2 colonscopies on me. He also removed a hemorrhoid tag. I trust Dr. Bannon & would like to continue seeing him. Please come to terms with the physicians at Delta Medix. I also had Dr. Roche remove lymph nodes from under my left arm when I had melanoma. Thank you for giving me a chance to speak my mind. Sincerely, John J. Krajewski

  • Eileen Krajewski

    I have been a patient of Dr. David Onofrey since October 1988. He took care of me in the emergency room at the then Mercy Hospital in Scranton. I then had him remove a benign tumor from my back in July of 1995. In August of 2009, my family doctor noticed a lump in my breast. He ordered my regular mammogram, but also wanted me to go to the Breast Care Center for a consult. I knew Dr. Onofrey was a practicing doctor there, so I had my doctor's office make an appointment with him. My mammogram came back saying everything the same see you next year. I still kept the appointment & brought the mammogram. Dr. Onofrey immediately had an ultrasound done. It should their were 2 lumps. He next scheduled a MRI. The results came back & he did 2 biopsies on the 2 different masses. He did a lumpectomy but couldn't get it all. He then did tried to get a clean margin while he was putting in my port. He couldn't get one. We then decided to do a mastectomy on my left breast. In 2013, he also did a colonoscopy. I have the utmost confidence in him & would hate to have to leave him. I now go yearly to Delta Medix Breast Care Center for my mammogram & follow up visit with him. I could not afford to go there with the insurance. So please, please work this out so I don't have to find another physician. I could never replace Dr. Onofrey. Thank you so much for taking my opinions into consideration.

  • Devon Pedley

    My dad has prostate Cancer and i trust the Delta drs

  • Raymond Russo

    The doctors at Delta Medix have always provided me with excellent care. I feel comfortable with them and have no desire to go looking for new doctors anywhere else. Shame on Blue Cross for putting patients (their customers) in this situation! Your company used to be considered "The Gold Standard" and was gladly accepted by all doctors and medical service providers... what happened?

  • David Goble

    My husband has been seen by NEPA urologist and feel we never got the results needed. They were treating him but not trying to find the cause. They take the foley out and within 3 to 4 days were back in the DR having another put in, this has been our circle and quite frankly we're finding this ridiculous. At Delta Medix we told the physician our concerns, not only did the doctor understand he told us things based on the results of other doctors that we were never informed of ex: my husband's low kidney function. So not to be penalized by the government your forced into buying health insurance and then BCNEPA wants to raise its fees to Highmark prices. We finally have a doctor who is willing to help. Our only hope is that Delta Medix and BCNEPA can come to an agreement. My husband seeing a doctor out of network is not an option for us, we can't afford that either. We support Delta Medix and hope they will continue providing the service. Please come to an agreement!!!

  • mary roche

    I go for my mammogram at The Breast Care Center at Delta Medix and they take the best care of me. I have been going there for years. I would be very disappointed to have to go some where else.

  • Mildred Peckman

    get result of tests

  • Thomas Cucpillari

    Delta Medix has served me well.

  • Sandra Cupillari

    My husband has prostate cancer and depends on Delta Medix. We have been paying for Blue Cross for many years and do not want to change insurance providers now.

  • Stacey Williams

    I want my son and daughter to be able to continue to see doctors I trust with their care!

  • Donato Bochicchio

    Dr. gilbert is my dr. He took care of my bladder cancer

  • Kevin Walsh

    I'm a patient there and will no longer be if they are no longer in network with my plan.

  • Janet Stude

    We need to keep quality specialists practicing in the Scranton area. Doctors deserve to be paid fairly - according to the current norm for our area - for their services. If not, I'm sure that most of them will relocate out of our area. I am personally very thankful to have Dr. Kelley's expertise for my current medical problem.

  • Kevin Brennan

    I am a patient of Delta Medex and considering they service 13,000 BCNEPA subscribers does BC not think this is going to be an extreme hardship on many of their subscribers to go out and find new providers ? Having seen my premiums rise over the years and the fact that BC has a surplus this action seems very unfair to the patients of Delta Medex (some who are quite ill). Kevin J.Brennan

  • Brenda Williams

    people who are sick should not have to be worried about whether or not their insurance will pay for their care...

  • Jeffrey Drescher

    I have been a patient with Delta Medix for many years and do not want to have to be forced into choosing a new urologist because delta Medix is no longer a BC participant

  • John falbo

    They saved my mothers life

  • Lyne Charest

    I have been with the Breast Care Center for 18 years and was recently diagnosed with ALH and had biopsy to remove the area in question. I trust Dr. Bannon and staff implicitly since he has been my doctor for the 18 years and certainly do not want to lose all this history.

  • Carolyn Homer

    I want delta medix to be a participating organization with BS NEPA.

  • ralph chase

    i am 73 years of age. i have been a long time patient of delta medic providers. I have also been a bc/bs customer for most of my adult life. I do not wish to have to drop either my coverage or my medical providers at this stage of my life.perhaps you need my skills as an arbitrator to get over this impasse!


    I want good reasonable health care.

  • Robert Farrell

    BC of NEPA places it's bottom line above patients. Delta Medix request to exam results is reasonable and Baker Tilly is a well respected firm. Truth is if an outcome is favorable to Delta Medix, BC of NEPA will just pass the cost along, (perhaps an inflated cost) to maintian or improve their profits.

  • Edward Kloniecke

    Dr. Bannon is my surgeon and has done all my operations. He knows me inside and out Ed

  • Kimberly Van Valen

    I am also a patient of Delta Medix and want to continue to use the Doctors their without having to pay out of network costs.

  • melissa wicksnes

    I am a patient of Delta Medix and want to continue to use the Doctors their without having to pay out of network costs.

  • Corinne Sohns

    Nobody wants to change docs if they trust in the care they are receiving. I support Delta Medix and urge Blue Cross of NEPA to help keep them as participating physicians.

  • James Sohns

    I care

  • Jeffrey Howells

    i survived cancer with treatment and care of dr preate and delta. i do not want to switch to another physician or treatment center

  • Mary Howells

    i wish to continue my care with the physicians at delta

  • Rita Ritzler

    I want Blue Cross to continue working with Delta Medix, which is a high quality facility with skilled professionals. I want my hard earned dollars that I pay Blue Cross spent on the wonderful services I receive here. I called BCBS office and relayed this to them, and asked to go on the record requesting that they come to an agreement quickly because I want and need the quality service provided by Delta Medix that I've trusted for 15 years!

  • Catherine Rachkowski

    I am in my sixties; I do not want to change doctors. My ENT, Dr. Frattali has served me very well and I want to continue with him. An article in our local newspaper stated that BC/BS has a $350 million cash reserve! My premiums and deductibles have steadily risen. As a Member of BC/ BS network I strongly encourage you to come to An agreement with Delta Medix and give the doctors who provide me and others with excellent access to excellent care some of that cash reserves you are hoarding . I also receive my yearly mammogram at Delta Medix so I am losing access to two services. Double whammy to me from BC/ BS. Please resolve this issue. I and others ask this of you.

  • Debra Doyle

    I want to stay with my physicians at Deltamedix; the treatment is excellent !!

  • Graziadio Mark

    DeltaMedix is a top notch provider - they saved me from cancer - and deserve adequate compensation.

  • Patricia Ollendyke

    Healthcare costs get higher while insurance plans pay less. Do we blame the Affordable Care Act? No, it's doing what it's supposed to - make sure all Americans have health care. I cannot believe that any health insurance company is not making money now. Blue Cross is now forcing thousands of people to change doctors - against their will. Ridiculous!!

  • Patricia Slusser

    Delta medix is composed of talented caring and excellent doctors and this upsets me especially with the shortage of physicians in our area, you are forcing them out!!! You should come and see them provide care to the community!!

  • Catherine Kelly

    We want delta medix

  • Anne Fedorisin

    I am signing because I don't want to lose Delta Medics. They have quality physicians and care.

  • Nancy Foley

    I am signing because I LOVE the care that I receive from the doctors and ALL the staff at Delta Medix. I have been a patient for over 10 years and I do not want to change doctors or facilities.

  • Holly Weist

    I want my blue cross and shield to stay with Delta Medix.

  • Kimberly Glodek

    I am signing this petition because my husband and I depend on this group of doctors for our needs. My mother died from breast cancer, I feel confident going to the Breast Care Center for those needs. This is a great loss for me that I'm worried about.

  • Andrew Baransky

    I believe that the Delta Medix DRs deserve fair compensation for their skill and professionalism that is reflected in the long hours and tireless effort they expend to treat their patients. I have seen some of these Drs work 16 hrs and more in the "hands on" business of delivering medical care. First consideration should be given to these dedicated men and women when it comes to compensation since they are the first line in delivering health care.

  • Karan Charisse-Piercy

    I want Health Care Workers to benefit from 60% increase in fees...only fair.

  • Blanche Baransky

    To have thousands of women in this area lose the Breast Care Center as an In Network choice of care is inexcusable. As a current breast cancer patient of Dr. Christine Kelley, being able to stay local to be treated by such a wonderful doctor, has made this journey so much easier on me and my family. BCBS needs to release their tight fisted grip on the profits and justly compensate the physicians for their dedicated hours of work and for their commitment to provide upgraded equipment for making the proper diagnosis. As a patient, I support all of the Delta Medix Group wholeheartedly. As a customer of BCBC, I request that they renegotiate with DM not only so that I can continue to see Dr. Kelley, but so that all women with BCBC can continue to use the services of the Breast Care Center.

  • Sandra Morahan

    I have been with Delta Medix since 1996 with a breast tumor and do not want new doctors. Give these doctors a fair contract!!!!!!!!!

  • Maureen Yeager

    We need these doctors.

  • Tom Carasiti

    I'm signing because I'm disgusted with the costs of America's healthcare systems. If Delta Medix is correct that there have been no rate increases then BCBS should ante-up. The fact that we have an entire billion dollar industry, insurance companies, making huge profits from our healthcare system yet providew zero healthcare service is incomprehensible. There are many things wrong with our system that is driven by profit companies being just one. Everyone in this country should be entitled to affordable healthcare no matter what their station in life. Other countries have managed this...why isn't the US.

  • Deborah Skotleski

    We urge Blue Cross NEPA to use their subscriber’s premium dollars to fund their healthcare and help Delta Medix continue quality patient care. We don't want to lose these doctors for our area.

  • Ann Monaghan

    I believe medical care should outweigh corporate profit. Medical providers should receive fair compensation for services provided.

  • Karen Rider

    We need these Doctors to cover all patients in the Scranton area.

  • Paula Noto

    I have BCBS of Tx. Love my DM Phys. Do not want to start with another ENT.

  • Maria Favichia

    Delay medix provides a valuable service to our area. They should be reimbursed accordingly for those services so that patients can receive state of the art care close to home.

  • Stacey Olver

    Both our son and daughter are patients at Delta Medix ENT in Scranton, Pa because the doctors are the best in our area at what they do. Now we are being forced to go look at other office where we will receive mediocre care. It's already difficult to receive good quality care in NEPA for our children's needs, thank you blue cross for continuously making it more difficult!

  • cynthia murphy

    im a delta medix paient

  • Allen Kearney

    Dr. Gilbert and his staff are the best in the area. I need to be able to continue to see him. The Delta Medix groups have provided first class service to this area for years and both side need to get it done for the customers.

  • Sandra Sipowicz

    I cannot afford to see doctors who do not participate with my insurance company. I have had phenomenal care from delta Medix and do not want to lose my doctor because my insurance

  • Debbie Zabielski

    I'm signing because this medical group treats thousands in our area. Losing them would be have an enormous impact on the health of many in NE PA.

  • David Greenwald

    Insurance companies including BC/BS undervalue physician services and overvalue their own as well as hospital services

  • Ralph Lohr

    I am an Empire BCBS subscriber through my employer, and recently received life-saving treatment from the team of Urology doctors at Delta Medix. I would be distressed to lose access to them as in-network care providers!

  • Renee Turkos

    I wish to support the efforts of Delta Medix.

  • Nadine Mahon

    I want to support the great doctors from delta medix.

  • Chris Bergman

    I see Dr. Gilbert and do not want to switch. Can not afford out of network costs.

  • Tara Bergman

    My son and husband both see Dr. Gilbert and feel comfortable with him. We can not afford to pay the out of network costs if they become non participating.

  • Emily Witts

    I want to support the doctors of Delta Medix.

  • Michele Cunningham

    I want to be able to get services @Delta Med

  • Caressa Dempsey

    My son suffers from cystic fibrosis and he currently sees a delta medix ENT for sinus related issues and ear problems related to his disease!

  • Brian Kulesza

    I do not want to lose my Urologist.

  • Heather Hess

    I want Blue Cross NEPA to fund healthcare and help Delta Medix continue to ensure quality care.

  • Adam Casper

    Brian is a family member of a dear friend of mine, and I think he is a very qualified health professional.

  • Beverly Howell

    I don't want to go out of the area to get the excellent coverage I have always had with Delta Medix. No other doctor's office even compares to the quality of care, compassion, organization and efficiency that these people have exhibited - and I mea everyone in the entire organization. They deserve a raise!! Get on the stick and do what's right Blue Cross!!!

  • howard lee

    I have been with my urology dr for 11 years and he has treated my cancer as well and now because I have blue cross blue shield I will have to travel 2 hrs away to see a dr .

  • Kathy Ruane

    Delta Medix is the best. Both my husband and I go to their doctors and are very unhappy about this situation.

  • Gene Shultz

    I want to keep my Doctor!

  • Erin Grambo

    I'm signing because I'm a nurse who works closely with delta medix and I believe they are fantastic doctors without whom my patients would suffer

  • John Iacobacci

    BCBS should be paying a more than fair wage for the excellent care the Delta Medix physicians provide. They have probably saved BCBS more money, providing the excellent service and care in NEPA, by not having to send as many patients to Philadelphia, NYC, etc. I request BCBS use the enormous surplus they have and give Delta Medix the increase they so richly deserve. I can bet the BCBS CEO has received a raise in last few years.

  • Amy Kelly

    I have BC/BS and one of my doctors is at Delta Medix.

  • Walker John

    I have several Doctors in Delta Medix

  • Kim Lane

    I would not trust my health care to any other group of physicians. My family and I have been patients for years.

  • Erika Adams

    I support Delta Medix and believe they should be, in turn, supported by BC NEPA. They strive to provide quality care to local residents enabling them to receive the needed treatment without travelling out of town.

  • erin rovin

    i have this insurance and i love my doctor.

  • Roseann Langan

    Northeast PA cannot lose a group like Delta Medix. Our region needs quality health care. I hope and pray BC/BS does the right thing.

  • Robin Scartelli

    I need quality health care. I would like to continue with the outstanding care I have gotten from the best doctors in the region!

  • Jane Balent

    I have delt with 2 of the doctors at Delta Medix... and I believe that without their care and talent, both myself and my daughter would not be here today!

  • Christine Schimelfenig

    Christine Schimelfenig

  • Edwin Howe

    My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Keith Pritchyk for over 10 years and would hate to lose him as our ENT specialist. He's the best!

  • MaryAnn stanton

    I would like to continue with the Knowlegable caring Dr's I've used the many many years.

  • Laurie Wesenyak

    Delta Medix physicians provide outstanding care. As a ICU nurse,I am proud to work along side these physicians. It would be a discredit to the community to lose their knowledge and personal touch.

  • Dina Giombetti

    I'm signing because we want to have the option to continue receiving services from skilled professionals. Hope that a compromise can be agreed upon by both parties.


    this whole thing is wrong and is hurting many people all over greed and money.

  • charles spainhour

    we need to get a resolution to this and both parties need to get back to the bargaining table and BARGAIN IN GOOD FAITH AND NOT OUT OF GREED.

  • Mary ellen gizzi

    Doctors need a fee increase!!

  • Joseph Rettura

    My ear nose throat doc is great. Other ear nose throat docs in the area are not rated as good as he is. If BlueCross/Blue Shield is such a great insurance company why can't it retain great docs?

  • Darla Germeroth

    I want to keep the same ear/nose/throat doctor I've had for years

  • Debbie Havrilko

    I want to stay with delta medix with blue cross and blue shield

  • Jessica Klonoski

    My parents both have BCBS insurance, and have used Delta Medix's doctors many times over the years. BCBS's behavior is unfair and unethical, and needs to change.

  • Tova Weiss

    It's the right thing to do.

  • Maureen mcnichols

    Doctors should be paid for there service not your shareholders! Comperable reimbursements are needed.

  • Dawn McGurl

    Delta Medix is an essential piece in the healthcare puzzle for NEPA. Quality healthcare and high quality of service!

  • April Mead

    I want quality doctors.

  • Renee Edwards

    My husband is a patient and wants to remain under their care.

  • Richard A Yarmey

    I have yet to see BCNEPA behave in a just and reasonable fashion to EITHER practitioners or patients.

  • Nancy Dressel

    I want my premiums to go to providers, not administrators or quality control people who are always looking over the shoulderstrap of established and very reputable physicians.

  • Paul w Welby

    Delta Medix is the best we have here. Doctors and staff need to be properly paid for the quality care they provide to your clients. I pay you. You pay the bills for my health care . Period !

  • Laila Kane

    I am outraged that this organization is sitting on a mulit million dollar nest egg while it raised my premium by almost $200. per month to then force me to change my choice of health care providers. I have never been happy with their service and only subscribe so my employer will pay for my premium. I pay for the rest of my family, but am thinking of "ditching" them, going back to Geisinger Insurance and footing the whold bill myself. At least I will be in charge of my health decisions, not them!

  • Kathleen Radkiewicz

    my family count on and trust the delta media group!

  • thom sarcinelli

    Who is greedier? The insurance company or the doctors? When does it stop????

  • Karen Williams

    There will be no doctors locally accepting BC/BS and I am concerned for my family's health. Premiums have steadily increased to result in not having available healthcare? Other area providers will be following suit, forcing a move out of the area or a switch in insurance coverage for many families.

  • Joseph Lenahan

    Delta Medix provides the best care in NE Pa. And should be paid accordingly

  • Angela Dempsey

    Something needs to be done. This is getting way out if hand!

  • Linda Hamill

    employers and insured have seen insurance rates dramatically increase in the past 6 years, however, Delta Medics has not seen a reimbursement increase. this needs to change. Thank you.

  • Laura Mori

    please pay for the advanced technology and medical services Delta Medix provides!

  • Maureen Brennan

    I'm signing because I use delta medic doctors

  • Sue stec

    all of my doctors are on this list to not accept my insurance.

  • Pamela Gaeng

    I am a current patient at Delta Medix and I do not want to and will not change my doctor. They are all excellent doctors and provide excellent care to the surrounding community. They have several offices in the outlying area for patient convenience. This insurance issue is a great inconvenience to a major part of NEPA.

  • Mindi Newman

    i can not imagine not being able to be provided the health care that I would need or any of my family members would need from all of the exceptional doctors at Delta Medix

  • jerald gilbert

    my premiums have doubled yet my doctors reimbursement has been flat. where's the money going?

  • Ryan Gilbert

    I strongly believe in Delta Medix's cause, and this petition could help save lives.

  • Michelle Stefanelli

    I am a satisfied patient and will not leave the practice.

  • Sarah Harvey

    I'm signing this petition because my daughter receives treatment and has had surgery with a delta medix physician.

  • Mary Lou Morris

    I trust Dr. Bannon… Great Dr.

  • John Kutz

    The well trained, conscientious quality physicians in Delta Medix remain the cornerstone of quality healthcare in the Scranton area - the rising cost of healthcare rests in the salaries of insurance industry administrators not physician reimbursement.

  • Kyra Cipriano

    My husband sees some of these physicians and has for years. Now he will need to find doctors that fall with the plan.

  • Ira Kohn

    Imagine the long hours of sacrifice and dedicated training to become extremely well qualified and competent at your job, enabling you to proudly offer a service on par with the best available anywhere, but not to get a pay raise in 7 years, and then find out that you are getting paid 35% less than other professionals elsewhere offering similar services ... how would that make you feel? That's how Blue Cross of NEPA makes me feel.

  • Jennie Chmielewski

    I like the doctors in the delta medix group and would love the option to see them should I need to in the future

  • Mark Pizzut

    I am a DeltaMedix patient.

  • Maureen fagan

    I will have to seek new physicians who participate with my insurance. I am very happy with the physicians am currently seeing.

  • Jeanne Rosencrance

    I'm signing because my husband wss diagnosed with tonsil cancer and was treated via Delta Medix with True Beam radiation. The physicians and technology are the best available and not available elsewhere near scranton,pa. To eliminate the availability of this top shelf treatment because of money is a travesty. We are talking about human beings here..not numbers!

  • Kirk Hinkley, MD

    i have BC and these are the surgeons I would use.


    I agree with Delta Medix.


    We should have access to physicians that we know and trust in our community.

  • Allison Vinciguerra

    I am supporting Delta Medix for continued care

  • ann brunori

    I am supporting Delta Medix for my continued care

  • Christine Averto

    As a BCBS customer for the past 42 years, I am insulted that given the high insurance premiums I have been paying, my physicians will now be out-of-network providers! Negotiate!!!!

  • georgia juris

    supporting delta medix!!!

  • Tara Yanni

    support Delta Medix



  • Tiffany thomas

    i am a member of bc and bs

  • Melissa Galanakis

    I support the excellent physicians and health care providers in our area, and I hope they are able to continue the quality care in which they provide.



  • Gina Collins

    I have BCNEPA insurance, & I want to be able to access local Drs I trust: Delta Medix physicians. I am disgusted with BCNEPA continually raising premiums to ridiculous levels. Shame on BCNEPA! Kudos to Delta Medix for standing your ground against this unjust giant.





  • Mark Lombardi

    We need responsible utilization of our insurance premiums. Physicians need to acknowledged for the expertise and care that they bring to the people of NEPA. Please renew your efforts to sign DeltaMedix back on a par providers insuring accessibility and care to patients in NEPA.

  • Paula Talerico

    Too support delta medix. This is unacceptable what blue cross is doing to them. We need them to participate with bc

  • Dale Jackson

    Supporting Delta Medix

  • Joan Manley

    I have worked with these dedicated surgeons for many years. They are an asset to our community and our friends and family deserve the kind of care that Delta Medix provides.

  • Girard Histed

    it is the right thing.

  • Grace Williams

    Supporting Delta Medix

  • Patti Hendry

    Support for our local drs

  • Andrew Turrisi

    I think insurers should make a reasonable profit, but pay for services at a fair price, and provide coverage to their clients rather than block access.

  • Charlene Dixon

    This is a injustice to everyone.

  • Michael Kurpis

    My 4 year old daughter is a patient of Dr Frattali's and we have blue cross insurance. My daughter loves going to this office and the care is tremendous. We do not look forward to trying to find another ENT as no one compares to Dr Frattali

  • Jennifer Sheruda

    I am a concerned health care professional and worry how this will impact our patients


    BC NEPA should increase the fee reimbursement since they haven't increased it since before 2009 and my premiums have increased greatly. When I first became a member of BC I had a $250 deductible. The BC board members began thinking of other ways to make me pay more so they increaded my deductible to thousands of dollars then introduced the copay, since that wasn't enough I have to pay part of my premium and now I am going have to pay not in network charges. I use to go for a test and paid nothing, now I am paying part of the premium and paying for the test and BC is pocketing the money they use to pay and pushed the expense onto me.

  • Theresa Pionzio

    We need to take care of our community.

  • Cheryl Shannon

    It is the right thing to do!

  • William g Pedley

    I am currently a Prostate cancer patient of Dr Donald Preate and do NOT wish to find another!!!

  • Suzi kile

    not only are they awesome, they are the only gig in town

  • stephanie martin

    My daughter is being treated by a delta media physician, and I have blue cross insurance. I don't want my daughter to have to see a different physician. I also believe the physicians at delta media provide exceptional care, and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.


    I am signing this because my family are patients of delta Medix and we would like to continue going to them but will have a hard time to continue if we have to pay for it out of our pocket

  • Kathleen Kearney

    Delta has provided exceptional Heath care to many generation of my family and friends KKearney

  • Sharon Roche

    the doctors are poorly paid in this area. They work extremely hard doing there best to save lives. A lot of people would not be here if it wasn't for them. It is a shame other areas get paid so much more. Please support our doctors.

  • Joan Marie Klein

    I have elderly relatives that are patients of Delta Medic.If they cannot utilize their facility and have to seek Dr care out of town this will put a huge strain on our family we are responsible for transporting them to Doctor appointments . This will mean taking extra days off to accommodate their appointment . I am trying to keep the Doctors we have in my area . Delta Medix supports my area as a local business as well.

  • Mary Andrea Greco

    I support appropriate Physician reimbursement

  • Heather Rose

    I'm signing this because I'm concerned. I have faith in the Delta Medix physicians that I have been referred to and don't want to switch doctors. I recently had surgery by one of the physicians and want to continue my care with him.

  • Susan Goryl

    Premiums are too high, coverage stinks and you have too high a reserve

  • Jean Mitchell

    BC gets top dollar to provide a service to me and they are not upholding their part of the bargain.

  • Karen Snyder

    I have been seeing several competent, caring and trusting Delta Medix doctors for several years and choose not to have to change medical professionals because of insurance issues.

  • Barbara Dakin

    I want the best. They are the mother died from breast cancer. This is a terrible thing to happen OMG.

  • catherine mcbride

    Delta Medix is an outstanding facility. Hope BC NEPA will sign an agreement.

  • Erika McLain

    I support Delta Medix

  • Thomas Hopkins

    As a physician I understand the work that goes into caring for patients.

  • john mooney

    we need good doctors and do not want to loose them!!

  • lynn mooney

    delta medix provides a very needed service in this area and we dont want to loose it!!!!!


    deltamedix is my primary provider

  • Kayla Rodriguez

    I'm signing in support of a friend.

  • Ann Evans

    Patients shouldn't have to change the care they have been getting due to an insurance dropping Delta Medix.

  • Malleline Rodriguez

    I'm a nurse

  • Linda Wandalowski

    I have been paying large premiums for many years and have always been shocked at how little the Drs. were compensated for their services by Blue Cross in spite of huge amount of money they have in reserve.

  • Kayla McLain

    I support the Doctors of Delta Medix.

  • Tamara McLain

    I support Delta Medix Physicians

  • Patricia Joyce Shea

    My husband works side by side with this elite group of physicians. Not being able to recieve outstanding and state of the art care from Delta Medix worries myself and I feel as though this is a violation of my rights.

  • Kimberly Boris

    My niece & nephews will be unable to receive medical treatment from their ENT. They are children. People should be afforded special medical treatment when necessary. Delta Medix will be unable to provide such specialized care due to BC NEPA's unwillingness to negotiate a contract that will allow Delta Medix to continue offering quality care. STEP UP, BC NEPA!



  • Eric Chase

    I am a longterm patient of Delta Medix and find this to be totally absurd that a healthcare insurance provider company does not negoiate at fair levels for the Physicians who are healing patients. Stop stock piling reserves and serve your policyholders

  • Matthew Corso

    I too am a healthcare provider and have invested thousands of dollars into my practice to offer my patients the best care possible. Low provider reimbursement is crippling our ability to do so. There will be a breaking point. Thank you Delta Medix for standing up to the Insurance machine!

  • Joyce Perih

    I am signing because I am a patient of the practice that is under going intermittent treatment for both bone and breast disorders. I feel there are no justifications to loose delta medix as a medical provider in this area of under served general practitioners but most importantly specialized surgeons.

  • Carlin Shea

    I trust Delta Medix and feel as though this is a violation of my rights as a patient


    I have had several Dr.'s request an MRI for a condition I have had for the last 1 1/2 yrs. Each time it is turned down. I have done everything BC has directed in order to have this test approved to no avail. Knowing that there is such a reserve of funds is very frustrating to me. My experience with Delta Medix has always been positive. Please help Delta to keep providing the services they are know for.

  • Michele Murdoch

    I believe Blue Cross is only worried about making as much money as they can off the backs of the working people.

  • Lori Mondak

    My family and I have First Priority PPO and would like to continue our care with the Delta Medix.


    I support Delta Medix doctors

  • Tammy Russick

    I support the Delta Medix physicians and their commitment to provide quality care.

  • jennie lee

    I support the dr at delta medics

  • Erin McFadden Conrad

    I am a practicing physician in this community. The surgeons at Deltamedix provide exceptional care to our patients. These doctors are incredibly talented, reliable doctors who service are patients at a moments notice when emergency surgery is required. I cannot imagine continuing to guarantee our community quality care without this group

  • Charlene Jeffers

    Dear Denise Cesare: I am signing this petition, because I believe our insurance companies are more worried about their profit and not patient care. Many individuals have paid into medical insurances for years only to have claims denied. I realize medical insurances have to be watch dogs, but this is why good doctors no longer want to practice in NEPA. I urge Blue Cross NEPA to use their subsriber's premium dollars to fund their healthcare and help Delta Medix continue quality patient care.

  • Dan Coyle


  • carol occhipinti

    I support the Drs.@ Delta Medix

  • Brenda Perini

    I feel confident in the doctors from Delta Medix. My children feel safe with their doctors. I don't want to change



  • Eugene Feeney

    Delta Medix provides state of the art medical care and they are a true asset to NEPA. They should be fairly compensated for their services.

  • Edward Levandowski

    The people of NEPA should not have to be denied quality of care

  • mary moran

    I need the Delta Medix physicians to continue to provide care to me, my family and the area, thank you

  • Jennifer Rodriguez

    I have BC/BS and would like to continue to have Delta Medix physicians in my network.

  • Joe Cappelloni

    I support Delta Medix's commitment to quality care to Northeastern PA patients.

  • Brian Conserette

    I want my children to be able to continue to have quality care!

  • Edward Gilmartin

    I am signing because Delta Medix, PC is a quality provider of essential medical services in NEPA and they are entitled to fair compensation for their services.

  • Arlene conse

    My children have been receiving superb care for 8 years from Dr. Fratalli ENT. My daughter's ear and sinus issue needs continued management. We pay money for our insurance and should be able to continue with quality care from these physicians. And they in turn should be compensated accordingly to their impeccable medical care.

  • Debi Cerra

    I would like for Delta Medix to be able to continue to provide quality care to BCBS members.

  • Sylvia Wynkoop

    Delta Medix provides excellent Breast Care. The digital mammograms are much better than my prior provider.

  • Timothy Lenahan

    the mds of delta medix are the best in the area and are grossly underpaid.



  • Brian Drosinski

    BCNEPA - you need to pay our physicians an acceptable rate in order for them to do business in NEPA. Not only do they provide a service, they employ many people in this community. Their employees expect to be paid a fair wage which can't be done if the physicians are not being paid a fair reimbursement. You control the medical community in both directions - with minimal reimbursement for their services and with exorbitant increases in their insurance coverage. It is time to negotiate a fair reimbursement.

  • Wanda Delgado

    I'm signing because the Delta Medix Group encompasses almost the entire City of Specialists and they are GREAT Doctors and we need their resources and treatment and care. It's ridiculous that a "contract" is keeping us from excellent healthcare and something should be done immediately

  • Mary Ann Gasper

    To keep the quality health care Delta Medix provides

  • Angela Pryal

    The physicians of Delta Medix provide excellent care to their patients.

  • Christopher Ramey

    If they aren't in my network I will have to travel to chop in Philadelphia to receive the same quality ENT care delta Medix provides here at home.

  • Karherine Ramey

    You need to keep good doctors here in NEPA.

  • Edward Kloniecke

    Delta Medix provides excellent care to their patients and Blue Cross would be doing a great disservice to their enrollees by refusing to pay for their services

  • James Roche

    as a physician I wish to continue to serve my patients who deserve quality service especially given the high premiums that are primarily funding high executive salaries and large cash reserves.

  • Kara Seitzinger

    My husband is an 8yr cancer patient of Dr. Donald Preate. If not for his diagnosis, aggressive treatment and proactive care on the part of Dr. Preate, his prognisis thus far might be very different.

  • Jason Mina

    i have delta medix physicians and blue cross blue shield insurance.. I feel this is unfair and will limit my availability to providers and force me to go out of the area.

  • cortese sharmayne

    pt of dr Kristine Kelley

  • Kathryn Degrazia

    This group of professionals are essential to this area. Honestly, without Delta Medix as participating providers under the Blue Cross plans - Geisinger is looking better and better.

  • Ellen welch

    The insurance need to correctly pay for the services provided.

  • Chris Kocsis

    I love my doctors and the service they give me.

  • Ann Berardelli

    I will not give up my doctors!! I will change my insurance before I would do that!!

  • Amy Ostrowski

    I am currently a patient who had breast cancer last year and would like to have the same doctor throughout my recovery. I need an additional surgery this summer and would like to use my doctor who is the best.

  • Michelle Bendersky

    I know many people that have gone and are still patients of Delta Medix. No one should have to worry about not being able to see their doctors. Also it is an outrage what the Insurance Companies get away with! ! Just not right what's happening here.

  • Christine Kohanski

    I want to keep going to Delta Medix with my BCBS insurance coverage!

  • Tony Percival

    Great skilled group of doctors

  • Judy Barron

    I want to continue with my Delta Medic providers.

  • Jason Kohn

    When the well respected, highly skilled and caring doctors of Delta Medix are unfairly compensated, it compromises current, as well as future healthcare in Northeastern Pennsylvania for multiple generations, since such lack of insight by insurers, will force healthcare professionals currently in training, like myself, to seek careers elsewhere in competitive markets rather than return home to provide quality care in Lackawanna County.

  • lynn Calderone

    Will miss quality care

  • Carol Danylak

    ive seen my premiums increase exorbitantly and traveling out of the area for treatment will be a hardship. That was the reason I chose a premium plan in the first place.

  • Valarie lucad

    NEPA citizens deserve high quality care without having to travel for it

  • Jeff mulderig

    Delta medics has some of the best drs around this areA,and some of the best success

  • Monica Rau

    We need the newest equipment for prevention and diagnostics for a proper surgery or diagnosis.

  • Janet Carey

    I want to continue seeing my Ear Nose & Throat doctor!

  • Michael McHale

    Delta Medix Physicians are without question some of the best in the region. No patient should be denied access to quality care because of corporate greed. I have family members who rely on the compassionate care of Delta Medix Physicians. Blue Cross needs to come back to the bargaining table with a mindset towards the consumer which places quality care above excessive corporate greed.

  • Bryan Riviello

    Delta Medix provides outstanding physicians and services. Blue Cross should be willing to help those it insures gain access to the best care around.

  • Ellen Jordan Boyd

    I support the amazing care my family has received from Delta Medix physician, Dr. Mark Frattali, and my right to continue to see him under my BCBS plan.

  • Kate Dempsey Jones

    I am a BCBS subscriber who uses and values the care provided by Delta Medix!

  • gerry mulkerin

    Delta Medix is the best!!!!

  • Julio ramos

    we need them!

  • Sean Ann Kelly

    my parents are blue cross policy owners

  • john grow

    My ex wife is now losing her trusted breast cancer surgeon Money over lives. We all in business need to accommodate costs. Increases and stay within the parameters of customer affordability ,not surgeon salaries or company profits.

  • Dawn Panullo

    This is a no win situation for all involved. Please find a solution!

  • Ellen Walko

    It is uncontionable to you expect patients to seek out and change physicians and facilities midstream of their treatment.

  • Marge Lukasik

    My son has surgery scheduled for July 11th with a Delta Medix physician. We have waited over 7 months for this and planned it very carefully because of his graduation and the start of college. I now find out about this. When we chose our coverage with BC/BS it was chosen with these doctors. How can the insurance just break a contract with me. It's disgusting.


    i support the physicians at Delta Medix. They are concerned and care for their patients - unlike big bad blue - who only care about profits.

  • John Ramey

    I want my family to be able to continue to receive quality care her at home in NEPA, rather than having to travel to Philly, New York, or Baltimore.

  • Judie Polkowski

    Because Delta Medix has some of the area best healthcare providers in northeast Pa. Delta Medix is constantly bringing new and progressive healthcare to our area. I see Blue Cross raising their insurance premiuims to patients AND employers but no fee increases to healthcare providers. I do not work for Delta Medix nor am I affected by this mistake by Blue Cross as I have Geisinger insurance, but I am an RN who has patients affected by this and see their FEAR and it is FEAR as to how are they going to afford to maintain their trusted physicians that they have had for years. I am signing this petition for my patients.

  • Al Pacanowski

    I'm very

  • Donald Preate Jr md

    i demand and expect blue cross to provide our patients the best access to the doctors they know and trust and have provided the best service to northeast pa over 50 years!

  • katie sunday

    I'm signing because people here in Northeast Pa need quality patient care. By BCNEPA not working with the area physicians, they are jeopardizing people's access to to healthcare right in their backyards.

  • walter melisky

    My wife's surgeon,Dr James Roche, saved her life. Her illness is chronic crohns will now pay Dr's in Philly or Cleveland Clinic to care for further surgeries. ...more $$$? Senseless

  • Joan Roney

    I want them to continue accepting my insurance.

  • Marie Wormuth

    I finally have health care and Doctors I like.

  • Harold Bauer

    I'm tired of paying so many times out of pocket because not covering certain procedures even though I pay 612.00 per month for single coverage!

  • Janet Nolan

    I am a cancer survivor, and they are my Doctors. I need to keep seeing them and have it covered by my insurance that I pay a premium for.

  • Laura Gallagher

    I feel with a 350 million surplus BC should be able to reasonably increase fees paid to this provider. I returned to BC this year and would prefer to stay but if you do not come to an agreement I am afraid I will have to go with another insurance company.

  • Bob Clemans

    This is a major inconvenience for me!

  • Deborah Williams

    I love my doctors at delta medix and don't want to change and have to pay out of pocket when I have insursnce

  • Bruce Covey

    I'm signing because 12,000 people will lose access to specialist care in their hometowns without an agreement. If there hasn't been an increase since 2008 - it's time to catch things up. Nothing costs the same as it did in 2008. Time for BC/BS to loosen the purse strings and allow their customers to continue to receive quality care in their own hometowns.

  • Kristen Eckhoff

    I have your insurance and I love Delta Medix group. I am extremely disappointed I will have to transfer to another doctor. I'm not sure where I can even transfer to locally.

  • Francesca Summa

    Im signing this because not only are all of my doctors through delta medix, but there's nothing like the quality and care they give each and every one of their patients.

  • Jason Asch

    I'm signing because I'm sick and tired of my rates going up yearly and my service options being limited.

  • Paula Baillie

    Both my husband and I use doctors associated with Delta Medix and have been well served by quality medical care. When insurance companies who are supposed to act in the best interest of their clients, cut patients off from quality medical care, the company needs to look long and hard at its mission. Blue Cross/ Blue Shield seems to be at a crossroads-does it serve people or does it serve itself? NEPA needs quality health care. Do not harm this community by making short sighted, self-serving decisions.

  • Mark Frattali

    As a health care provider in NEPA for 21 years and a resident nearly my entire life , I feel a strong commitment to the people of NEPA that are my family , friends and patients. The decision to suspend BC/BS coverage is not easy but delivery of quality health care is the least that our patients deserve and a DELTA MEDIX trait that they have been accustomed to for years. The cost to provide the latest and the best of course comes with a price. Additionally , some expenses have been mandated by the government . Failure to comply reduces reimbursement even further. We are and always will be committed to our patients and our community. We have steadily invested in health care delivery and we are fairly and equitably asking BC of NEPA to invest in the physicians and name that you know.

  • Daniel Kopcza

    I want Delta Medix to remain part of the BCBS system.

  • Janet Yetkowskas

    I have been a patient of Delta Medix. My children were also taken care of by DM physicians/surgeons. I do not want to look elsewhere. While my deductibles and co-pays have skyrocketed, it is shameful that this money is not going to the local physicians, at Delta Medix and all of NEPA. How can you honestly say you are looking out for my better good?

  • Sandra Wehner

    I was told to go to Delta Medix by my family Dr. I started with them last year due to a breast problem..had mri there..ect..all my records transfered I will have to go elsewhere when they are such good Drs there..I have great Federal Blue Cross coverage..sad indeed! thank you..


    I support Delta Medix physicians

  • sean quinn

    Delta Medix Dr's saved my life from cancer and I hope I can continue with them.... 40 year old, father of 3, colon cancer survivor

  • Ann Rink

    BC NEPA does not put the "customer first", in regards to those they insure, as well as those they reimburse for services. I have had my co-pays and cost of medical imsurance steadily increase over the last 10 years while BC NEPA surplus has increased. The insurance industry is taking advantage of all of us. My husband sees a Delta Medix Urologist, Dr. Steffanelli, I utilize the services of the Breast Care Center and we both have had Dr. Joseph Bannon as a surgeon and he performs our colonoscopies. Blue Cross need to recognize theses doctors and assign an increase in their rates. Blue cross needs to use their surplus to freeze their insurance rates for their customers and increase their reimbursement rates! STOP holding us all as hostages!

  • Rich Oliver

    I believe Delta Medix cares about their patients and their community!

  • Marianne Cummings

    Iam signing because I feel strongly about this issue.

  • Gertrude Kane

    I don't want to leave my doctor or my nurses because of health care costs.

  • Kerrie Fitzsimmons

    My husband has Barrett's esophagus and sees the same doctor every year.

  • Dawn lloyd

    i do not want to lose my valuable physicians. I can not afford to pay out of network. I already pay enough premiums & copays. I do no want to find another physician. My physician has helped me tremendously & finding another doctor is too much at this point in my care to start over. Please stop holding your members hostage & fix this problem!!!!

  • Amanda Bennett

    We pay a lot of money for our insurance and Delta Medix has physicians we see for,us and our son. We will be forced to go to phyisicians we don't like due to greedy insurance companies.

  • Christina Brundage

    I go to delta medix providers and believe they have and will continue providing excellent care to NEPA!

  • amy mazak

    This is crazy they are the best in the area

  • David Onofrey

    We need to attract and retain well trained physicians for Northeastern PA by providing fair reimbursement for their services.

  • Ann O'Brien

    I am a patient at Delta Medix that found a lump after another radiology office did not. I have BC/BS insurance and this upsets me. I don't trust anywhere else. I won't go anywhere else.

  • Michael Freiman

    BC NEPA should pay ALL physicians more!

  • Sandra Steinberg

    Delta Medix is the best and should be treated fairly!! Blue Cross must take notice of the incredible health care delta Medix provides its patients

  • Carol Thomas

    I'M signing because I believe that Blue Cross needs to come to an agreement with Delta Medix.

  • Michael Bott

    Because BC & BS is my insurance

  • Ann Blaum

    I do not want to change Drs.

  • Mary Dempsey

    Delta medix is an amazing group of physicians that my family routinely utilizes and they deserve fair reimbursement rates.

  • Barbara Moss

    The quality if care my family receives is excellent and I am very disappointed that I have to use another provider.

  • Sheila Opsasnick

    I support Delta Medix. They provide excellent care. Dr Stefanelli is an excellent physician .

  • Lauren Opsasnick

    Delta Medix is an amazing institution and this type of loss to the community would be detrimental.

  • Roger Coutts

    my wife died of cancer. we were married 49 years and 353 days, 11days shy of 50 years. wife died of cancer.

  • Ben Quirk

    I work with healthcare providers all over the country. The way Delta Medix truly cares, and invests, in their patients is unique. If I ever had a cancer scare, I'd fly to Scranton immediately to get an opinion from the Delta Medix team of doctors. Northeast PA is lucky to have such a great team and it is unfair for BC NEPA members to be deprived of access to these great doctors.

  • Mary Phillips

    I am signing because I need to remain with the Delta Medix Doctors who are treating me. BC is taking advantage of both the patients and the Doctors

  • Patricia Ward

    I have been an employee of Delta Medix since 1998 and also an active patient of Dr Lenahans since February of 2015. I have been covered by Blue Sheild and Blue Cross for many years. I was recently hospitalized and recommended to have a follow up CT Scan. To my surprise the Study was denied! I have rarely used my insurance over the years, and question why the service was denied? The doctors at Delta Medix give quality care to each and every patient, regardless of what insurance they have. Please hear our voices so we can continue to care for our existing patients.

  • joseph rienzi

    doctors are the foundation of healthcare delivery

  • Jill Lewis

    I'm sick of paying $400 a month for health insurance that I can't afford to use due to high deductibles. Enough already!!!

  • lois hughes

    i am a delta medix patient and am very concerned about my future care if they are no longer in network.

  • Betsy Keating

    I'm signing because this office of physicians is well known to me and provided extraordinary patient care

  • Catherine Henneforth

    I am a Breast cancer survivor and received impeccable care at the Delta Medix Breast Care Center.

  • Stacey Rowlands

    I'm signing because my family cannot afford to lose Dr. Fratalli and Dr. Ramey as our health care providers.

  • Dionna Zigon

    I think it is a disgrace what BCNEPA is doing to the physicians of Delta Medix, and to the community of NEPA! I can't believe that they would even think about losing local physicians from their network. If anything, BCNEPA should be doing everything in their power to keep good physicians and medical care local! This is behavior is appalling. BCNEPA should be ashamed of themselves!!!!

  • Kristin Johnson

    Delta Medix provides exceptional care. All of my specialty doctors are at Delta Medix.

  • Roger Howell

    Delta Medix offers "state of the art" oncology care and facilities while adhering to the highest professional standards. My family has received excellent advice, care and results from Delta Medix surgeons. In addition, many of my clients from Luzerne and Lackawanna county use Delta Medix for cancer treatment.

  • Susan Kelly

    Signing this is the right thing to do. To lose access to our physicians for this reason, after incurring BC NEPA yearly premium increases is a travesty.

  • Linda Wrazien

    I really like going to Delta Medix for my annual mammogram. The staff in the Scranton Office is kind, gentle and always helpful.

  • Susan Sariti

    I am signing because Delta Medix, PC provides quality health care.

  • Evie Rafalko McNulty

    I've been a victim of Blue Cross trying to control my health care and as a result I changed to Geisinger. Now Blue Cross is attempting to control my physicians. This is wrong in so many ways. I support Delta Medix as they stand up against the greed of Blue Cross and by defending the rights of their patients. It is wrong for Blue Cross to report a surplus when it is only because they are not providing coverage to their subscribers as they promised.

  • Mary Icker

    We want to continue to use Delta Medix Providers. We would consider looking into other insurance providers when it is time to renew if you do not reach an agreement. I would chose Doctors over insurance company.

  • Carolyn Azzarelli

    My family has been Delta Medix patients for many years and we want to stay on their patient list. There are no other qualified Urologists in the area that I would take my family to.

  • Michelle Ferguson

    I am signing this because I am a patient as well as an employee of Delta Medix and I want continued follow care for my medical needs as well as allowing our patients the same convenience.

  • Edward Gilmartin Jr.

    I want to continue care with Delta Medix.

  • Gino Mori, M.D.

    Delta Medix represents excellent medical care and we must support their petition for a raise as their expenses have increased like all other companies. we don't want to lose access to their services. Gino Mori, M.D.

  • Jennifer Leshuk

    I'm signing because Dr. J Bannon is the best surgeon in my opinion in our area and I am forever grateful for the care and compassion shown to me by him and the staff at Delta Medix during my Breast Cancer as well as today!

  • Michael Yoder

    I'm signing because I don't want to have to drop my Blue Cross insurance (for me or my company) in order to receive surgical/ent/pulmonary/urologic care in Scranton

  • joe haggerty

    I want to continue with the best doctors that the Scranton marketplace has to offer.

  • Mary Alice Hales

    I am signing because I wish to stay with my doctors at Delta Medix, and I want you to reach an agreement soon.

  • Anne Gallagher

    I am a patient of Delta Medix and I have FPLIC PPO as my health insurance

  • Ann Mackarey

    We want to continue to use Delta Medix for all our health care needs.

  • Cathy Lamberton

    I am a patient and do not want to change my provider!! I received excellent care and would like it to STAY that way!

  • Carol Rubel

    The fee schedule that Blue Cross implements when working with the physicians of Delta Medix is both horrifying and unreasonable. Their huge surplus should be used for the benefit of patients ...NOT to pay their board members "stipends" or fund their charitable Blue Ribbon Foundation or to pay their top employees obscene salaries.

  • Jo Anne Mirabelli

    It seems that w/ the increase in medical fees & w/ a multitude of subscribers going w/ BC/BS due to Obama care rules & regs, that BC/BS is unconscionably w/holding reasonable reimbursements, while at the same time reaping exorbitant deductibles/out-of-pocket income from subscribers. As a Delta Medix employee, I am also deeply affected, in that I have listened to many patient complaints, concerns, & fears about losing the care of their well-trusted & loved physicians at Delta Medix because of BC/BS greed. Also, many Delta Medix employees are covered under FPLIC. We now have to decide if we want to opt-out & go w/ another insurance company, because of the dark shadow this situation has cast on all of us & our peaceful daily functioning. In the end, You are the ones that have to stand at the pearly gates & explain your greed & unfair pay-outs to hard-working individuals of a very prominent & trusted organization. The patients also suffer, and most do not come here because they are doing fine or feeling well. As I write this letter, my consideration to go w/ Geisinger or another insurance company has grown. May you develop a conscience, be realistic, and come to a fair reimbursement agreement before you lose a large number of subscribers,and your souls to the greed that pads your pockets.

  • Sandra Jayne

    Even social security keeps up with the rate of inflation. Not raising reimbursement to rates comparable to other areas with similar demographics, in the face of $350 million surplus, is unfair and decreases consumer access to appropriate and "chosen" provider care

  • Catherine Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick

    I have had increases in my healthcare premium every year and expect that some of those dollars should be pasted on to Delta Medix. I do not wish to loose my Delta Medix doctors!!!!

  • Mary Kay Lenahan

    Im signing because I pay for insurance for quality healthcare-not for the insurance company to donate huge sums of money.

  • Amanda Kuna

    I want our healthcare we pay for and to be able to see our doctors we trust

  • Brill sandy

    I want to continue to be able to use my delta medix doctors for my health care needs.

  • Martin Ruane

    I would like to continue to see Delta Medix physicians

  • Melinda McPhillips

    My new employer has first priority life insurance, and I see the physicians at Delta Medix.

  • Rachel Ward We urge Blue Cross NEPA to use their subscriber’s premium dollars to fund their healthcare and help Delta Medix continue quality patient care

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Welcome to Delta Medix where we have been specializing in Urology, Surgery, Breast Care, Vascular Surgery, and Otolaryngology in Northeastern Pennsylvania for over 50 years. Delta Medix is a multispecialty group made up of physicians specializing in Urology, Surgery, Breast Care, Vascular Surgery, Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Radiology and Radiation Oncology.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality care to our patients, using the most advanced techniques and emerging technology. The physicians and staff of Delta Medix are committed to providing our patients with comprehensive care backed by experience, expertise and the latest technology.

Medicine’s Top Earners Are Not the M.D.

MAY 17, 2014

THOUGH the recent release of Medicare’s physician payments cast a spotlight on the millions of dollars paid to some specialists, there is a startling secret behind America’s health care hierarchy: Physicians, the most highly trained members in the industry’s work force, are on average right in the middle of the compensation pack.

That is because the biggest bucks are currently earned not through the delivery of care, but from overseeing the business of medicine.

The base pay of insurance executives, hospital executives and even hospital administrators often far outstrips doctors’ salaries, according to an analysis performed for The New York Times by Compdata Surveys: $584,000 on average for an insurance chief executive officer, $386,000 for a hospital C.E.O. and $237,000 for a hospital administrator, compared with $306,000 for a surgeon and $185,000 for a general doctor.

Click here to read the full article.

Pro Vobis OptimumFor You, The Best. A Letter from the Executive Committee of Delta Medix

Delta Medix has been caring for patients in the Scranton area for the better part of 50 years. Founded by Hugo and Gino Mori along with Donald Preate, Delta Medix is one of the largest multispecialty groups in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We currently include General Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Urology, ENT, Allergy, Pulmonary Medicine and Radiation Oncology.

We see approximately 48,000 outpatients (13,000 of them BC NEPA subscribers) every year and perform annually over 20,000 surgical procedures. Delta Medix provides the greatest share of emergency room coverage for GCMC, Moses Taylor Hospital, and the Regional Hospital of Scranton. We are proud to serve the people of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Our guiding principle stems from the Latin phrase, pro vobis optimum—for you, the best. Every decision made by Delta Medix is made based on this guiding principle.

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